Review policies

Hi everyone 😍

So lately I have been receiving lots of review requests through my email. And I decided to write my review policy here.

But first here is my rating strategy:

  • 5 stars : The book was AMAZING and I will probably reread it again.
  • 4 stars: The book was good and I may or may not reread it.
  • 3 stars: The book was meh (cliche)
  • 2 stars: I didn’t like that book.
  • 1 stars: probably I dnfed the book.

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The night circus loving post + FANGIRLING about everything in it.



  • Book name: The night circus
  • Written by: Erine Morgenstern
  • No. of pages: 516
  • Genre: fantasy/fiction

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his only punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world”.

I am sure that this book is nothing but a very very very beautiful dream. This book is so amazingly well written that i think i might have cried because of how amazing it is.

First of all, The writing style is AMAZING, so descriptive *not the boring description of some useless things* and the book is so gripping from the very beginning till the very end of the novel. I can’t remember being satisfied with a book as much as I did with this one.

The world building is so BEAUTIFUL. I really wish the real world is like the one in the book although the book take place on real places as London, New york, Boston and others.

I just need to say a little something. The synopsis on the back of the book does no justice to its real content. The synopsis highlights the romance part in the story which happens to take only a small part of the real plot and It neglects the real content of the book so don’t be affected by the synopsis cause the book is so much different and the synopsis sounds so meh *face palm*. Continue reading “The night circus loving post + FANGIRLING about everything in it.”


Malhaar book review

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Malhaar by Ambica Uppal
  • Book name: Malhaar
  • Genre: Poetry
  • writer name: Ambica Uppal
  • Number of pages: 120 (e-book)
  • Rate: 5 golden stars

helloooooo everyone ❤

I have been kindly sent a copy for this book in exchange of an honest review and I honestly LOVED this book.

First of all, this book is very short. I have read it all in like an hour or something. Secondly, it is VERY empowering. You know those books that after you finish reading them you just sigh and say “Well that’s what life is all about.” or maybe you might say “Damn, I want to fall in love RIGHT NOW!!” also you may probably say “Can I make my dreams come true now?!!”.

I think this book is made out of nothing but love and creativity. A thing I really loved in this book is the note in the very beginning of it which says:

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10 Tips from my grandma <3

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I captured this without knowing who was this person I just asked him if it was okay to take a picture of him working and I think it turned out pretty well.

So while I was sitting with my grandma I had this idea of tips from your elders so I asked her to give us 15 tips to help us in our lives and honestly I was surprised by how much useful things she told me.

  • Love your family ❤

That was the first tip my grandma said. love your family and show them that you really care about them. They might somehow judge you on what you do and they would probably get on your nerves more than once but that all because they really care about you. She emphasized on loving your grandparents and to call them only because you can.

  • Choose your friends carefully

There are some people who never support you or make fun of what you do well those aren’t and can not be friends. Friends must really love you and support what you do even if they don not really understand it.

  • Trust your instincts and your parents instincts

When you feel worried about something you are doing trust your instincts because you are probably right. Moreover, trust your parents. Your mother will know that some of your friends are fake before you even notice it. And your father will know that this boy is crappy before anyone would notice. Continue reading “10 Tips from my grandma <3”


Eliza and her monsters spoiler free book review + favorite quotes

Eliza and her monsters spoir free book review

Hi everyone,

So yesterday I finished Eliza and her monsters by Francesca Zappia and i don’t remember being satisfied with an ending as I did with this book.

  • Book name: Eliza and her monsters
  • Written by: Francesca Zappia
  • Pages number: 385
  • My rating: FIVE GOLDEN STARS

So basically in this book we follow the story of the main character Eliza that has her own word in which she lets her mind gets free from all her surroundings and she spills her thoughts and creativity in writing her own online comic “monstrous sea”.

By times this comic went to be the biggest and most famous comic on the internet. Eliza meets Wallace the most famous fanfiction writer on the forum of monstrous sea but he doesn’t know that she is the writer of the comic as she keeps her identity secret.

“I resist the urge to go back to my computer, open up the browser, and check the monstrous sea forums before I leave for school. The computer is my rabbit hole; the internet is my wonderland. I am only allowed to it when it doesn’t matter if I get lost.”

What I loved about this book is that it has some pages from the comic and it really gave the story another depth. Just to clarify i am not really a fan of contemporary books but this book had all what i wished to read. It talked about the real meaning of being an introvert and It had mental break downs and It showed the real side of anxiety and depression plus It had a suicidal scene so if you are soft hearted please try to skip those parts.

“if you like him, you might as well say it to him

if he doesn’t like you, you can stop worrying about it

and if he does like you, you’re in business

either way, you will save yourself a lot of time and pain”

I had some issues with Wallace tbh. In some part of the book he was A REAL JERK. But that gave him some kind of reality cause as we all know no one is perfect.

The plot was really good and the thing i loved about it is that it showed what reality looks like for introverts and for people who suffer anxiety or depression.

“I start to say no, then I stop myself. I have to try. I have to try because I am doing it again- I’m shutting everything out because I am frustrated and tired and because the real world is difficult and I’d rather live in one of my own making. But I can’t. I am here, and I have to try.”

so tbh i started this book knowing literally NOTHING about it and i enjoyed it a lot so try to put it on the top of your TBR cause it is so worth it






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The ancient sacred tree: birthing of a hero spoiler free book review.


“I was real young. I didn’t know what was going on. I knew dad was missing, but I didn’t know why “

In this action packed novel we went through an adventure with an eight year old boy called Joshua in which he was bipolar and he was suffering anxiety and most of all he tried to defeat the world’s evil.

“Divorce is like two lions attacking in a den. you know somebody is going to get hurt really bad. All kids can do is to sit and watch it happen.”

So we go firstly with the main character, Joshua, who was developed really well by Dawnette Brenner. He was really weak in the beginning of the book and he always pitied himself. Honestly, that was so annoying. but as the chapters progress, so did he. He became so brave and so self handled as well as happy.

In this book we also lived in the mind of an eight year old kid who suffered anxiety and we knew how the real bipolar kid felt which was rare in the YA fantasy/fiction novels.

“The edge of life and the edge of day dreams seamed to collide. Everything in my world was in turmoil. Blackened spirits entered my mind, suffocating my thoughts and feelings”

I LOVED how the setting was changed in this book from being in the normal world and suddenly we were in the imaginary world which was written in a really good way with clarity and simplicity in using the words. but I really needed more description in this book as sometimes in the book the picture of the setting was foggy a little bit in my mind. 

“What the heck ?”. I said, witnessing pergita’s body shape shift into a creature with bat-like wings, sharp teeth and claws, and horns atop her head, gritted her teeth. I jumped back and fell over soran. We both toppled to the ground.”

YA novels often bring suspense and this book will have you on the edge of your seat ALL OF THE TIME, while reading it.

Overall this book was a mix of humour, suspense and action who will hook you from the first page you read *so totally add it to your TBR pile*

“There is no such thing as a broken family. Family is family and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce papers, and adoption documents. Families are made in the heart. The only time family becomes null is when those ties in the heart are cut. If you cut those ties, those people are not your family. and if you hate those ties, those people will still be your family because whatever you hate will always be with you.”

I think this quote described it all. It described the main reason behind writing this book on first place which was valuing your family and knowing the importance of having them in your life which happened to be the major theme of this novel. All in all, family might have hard times sticking together but family is family which was mainly what happened with Joshua in this novel and because of his family he became a totally different person.